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WSPA – SAN ANTONIO (WSPA) — Two people have been arrested in connectiojarvees.comn with the decapitation of a 70-year old man.

Police say that after a fight broke out between an older man and a young woman who is not a neighbor, the elderly man got out of his vehicle and began cutting at the woman.

After the woman tried to protect herself by hiding in her garage, the man approached her and asked if he could borrow the woman’s pickup truck.

Officers say the elderly woman refused to give his money or take his car as he proceeded to decapitate him.

In a written statement, the victim’s family says the family’s wishes to be released from jail were granted after the father received $250,000 cash payment to c더킹카지노ompensate for the damage done to the elderly man’s body.

The father says he and his wife are not prepared to have his mother released from jail right now as their case will remain pending a probable cause hearing.

«We’ve been in this court on numerous occasions and these people are not our family, they have robbed our lives of their family history,» said the mother. «Th바카라사이트ey have no family they could take care of.»

According to the Sheriff’s Office, after the father’s attorney arrived to brief the suspect, they were granted a temporary order to remove the man’s mother and father from the home.

Deputies went into the house to see if the man wanted to talk to them or had anything to say but when they arrived he began yelling at the officers.

Two people in blue shirts were on scene when the elderly man was taken into custody and they did not have anything to offer detectives as he tried to flee into an SUV.